Being right vs. getting it right

This is an interesting one! Being right vs. getting it right. What do you prefer? And oh let me tell you, there is a huge difference between the two.

From my experience true leaders choose the latter where most people actually go to battle head to head trying to win a debate (which is fine to some degree when you´re a politician, not so fine when you are in business). But think about it, what will it really bring you when you do that? Leadership and commercial savviness (what I call “Sales DNA”) is knowing what to do what´s best for the situation or a group of people, not what seems to be best for you and you alone. It´s not about your interest, it´s about the interest and perspective of the bigger picture. For instance the relationship with your customer, the way you interact with your colleagues, how you manage business partners and so on.  

Therefore, it might feel mighty great being right but by doing so you might not getting it right…

A loaded question but still, what do you prefer?


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