Commercial issues directors and entrepreneurs are facing:

1. our salet not effective 1

Our sales (team) is not effective

2. sales and marketing1

Sales & Marketing not acting as One

3. structure1

The company structure doesn't really fit

4. company better1

Our company culture could be better

The Commercial Factory

We make your company, team and individuals structurally and commercially stronger. Where we continuously increase the commercial hitting (or punching) power and sales effectiveness of your company. For the short and long term. We are Blue Pepper. Blue stands for structure, Pepper for action. In short, structured action!

+10% in 3 months 


Strategy consulting


Marketing consult & execution
Marketers: contract & interim


Salestraining & Coaching
Sales Structure & Culture (Sales DNA)
Sales (wo)men: contract & interim

Sales Training

You want to increase your Sales?  Help your SalesTeam to sell on Value 

(not on price).
Without value all you have left is price…

The more value you’ve to offer, the more successful your sales (team) will be. 

Looking for a Sales training (program) with direct impact? Blue Pepper offers several training modules and programs to boost your sales. For every level and challenge; for a junior account manager that just started up to the seasoned and well experienced international key account manager. 

In our programs all facets of selling will be covered. Think about your sales preparation, your sales plans, the way you structure your sales conversation, asking the right questions, different ways of responding, your tone of voice and body language, your own WOW-Factor, how you will tell a Sticky Story and how you can and will create value for the customer. Using customer needs, pains and drives instead of selling on price or (technical product) specifications. A healthy mixture of various sales theories and approaches, enriched with our own Blue Pepper sauce. Challenging and Winning Sales is a true profession. We will learn you and your team how to challenge and win. Our typical training starts with our Blue Pepper Sales Monitor where we’ll map sales strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

But what’ll it bring me?

Best Practices & Examples 

14 concrete examples what Blue Pepper has done for several companies to improve their Commercial Hitting Power:

  1. Strategy workshops (at start & scale-ups, SME and corporates)

  2. Sales Effectiveness (strategy, plan, execution and monitoring; projects and interim) 

  3. Restructuring and standardisation of processes of commercial organisation; alignment sales & marketing and customer 

  4. Sales training & coaching (various training and levels)

  5. Commercial planning, execution and monitoring 

  6. Customer Journey and Experience: mapping and optimisation

  7. Market segmentation, defining value propositions and go to market execution (including marketing campaigns)

  8. Restructuring inside sales (customer oriented + Sales DNA)

  9. Coaching entrepreneurs: growth hacking + funding 

  10. Defining international sales (channel) strategy + execution 

  11. Outlining commercial culture & increasing Sales DNA 

  12. Organizing and running Global Partner Programs 

  13. Centralising Marketing departments  

  14. Interim Sales & Marketers at various levels (account managers, marketers, managers and directors) 


Why Blue Pepper ?

More about us.

Blue Pepper: we offer structured action and will make your business commercially stronger. We do this by covering all our bases and three (SMS) axes: Strategy | Marketing | Sales. Always with our goal to make your company structurally commercially stronger. Where we use our own and other existing and well adopted and accredited business models.  

Our Mission:
Offering all companies structured action so they will continuously grow and prosper.

What we do

Blue Pepper offers a broad commercial pallet of services. Our Impact?

+10% in 3 months…


  • Strategy Workshop

  • Strategic choice making

  • Value disciplines

  • Business Model Design Thinking

  • Commercial Plan

  • Innovation

  • Culture & SalesDNA



  • Sales Training

  • Sales Plan

  • Sales Management / leadership

  • (Key) Account Management

  • Sales (wo)men: contract + interim)

  • Blue Pepper Sales Monitor

  • Tele Sales

  • Sales Channel (strategy)

  • Social Selling

  • Partner Program

  • Search


  • Marketing consult & Execution

  • Campaigns / digital marketing

  • Customer Journey / Experience

  • Communication strategy + execution

  • Segmentation

  • Value Propositions & Buyer Personas

  • Branding & Positioning

  • Product roadmap & management

  • Interim marketers

  • Digital transformation


  • Management & Leadership

  • Leadership development

  • Team Building

  • One on One

  • Field Coaching

  • Change management


  • Sales Training Blue Peppe
    Level I, Level II en III

  • Challenger Sales

  • WIN !

  • Story Telling

  • Presenting & Communicating

  • Social Selling

  • Behavior (DISC)

  • Leadership


  • CRM

  • Blue Pepper Sales Monitor

  • Social / digital

  • Video

  • Assessment Tools

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